Room 4 

11:50 - 12:50 

Talk (60 min)

Stretching for Zero Downtime Upgrades in Azure.

Imagine you navigate in the Azure portal and click AKS upgrade; 2 minutes later your entire online presence is inaccessible to your users. This presentation is discussing Vipps' journey of managing infrastructure in Azure.

Continuous Delivery

In this session, we will walk you through the design decisions of our Azure infrastructure during the last years. We will start by discussing the flaws and challenges of our early architecture before we introduce our current setup of immutable infrastructure and why we are still not happy. Finally, you will learn why and how we favor a multi-cluster architecture in Azure.

The target audience is Azure administrators and architects who want to learn from Vipps' experiences with Azure services, in particular AKS. We assume that you have some basic understanding of Azure and Kubernetes.

Sven Malvik

Sven is Head of Cloud Platform at Vipps and Microsoft Azure MVP. His job is to ensure that Vipps builds a solid, secure, and flexible foundation in Azure that the developers want to use. He has spoken at conferences like Microsoft Build, Javazone Oslo, Tech X Oslo as part of the keynote, and various Meetup groups. He is also awarded with the Microsoft Azure Community and Content Hero Badger.