Room 4 

15:00 - 16:00 

Talk (60 min)

.NET Developer? You're an IoT Developer Too!

Learn how to utilize your existing skills (like .NET and C#) and existing tools (like Visual Studio) to build connected hardware solutions with the IoT.

Machine Learning

These days, few things get me more excited than writing code that can control something, anything, in the physical world. Whether it’s gathering temperature data from a sensor, remotely controlling a servo, or building a low-power Machine Learning solution, it’s empowering to write Arduino or Python code to build a connected IoT project.

But I've always had this nagging feeling, like how I’d prefer to use the languages, IDEs, and skills I've honed during my years as a .NET developer. Enter the world of the "tiny" .NET frameworks! Using the .NET nanoFramework or TinyCLR, we can build low-power apps on constrained devices like tiny microcontrollers, using the same C# and Visual Studio we know and love.

In this session, we’ll walk through the tiny .NET frameworks, blink some “Hello World” LEDs, and see examples of how .NET developers can build connected applications for the Internet of Things.

Rob Lauer

Rob Lauer is Developer Relations Lead at Blues Wireless and has a passion for Machine Learning, the IoT, and the open web. You can find Rob rambling as @RobLauer on Twitter.